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I am a Syrian creative director, music producer , dancer and editor who enjoys making challenging contents using different filming and editing techniques. My passion to filmmaking and performing started since a very young age as I took part in acting in children's music videos on Spacetoon channel. As a result I developed my hobby as a performer and content creator and reached the finals in the Arabs Got Talent show in 2012. However, I have been formally working in music producing and directing since I graduated from my Film and TV productions course from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, that shaped the skills needed to make entertaining content by combining everything that I have learnt and to execute the ideas I imagine perfectly.



Bachelor of Film and Television

Belarusian State Academy of Arts | 2014 - 2018 with Hounor


Creative mindset.

Well versed in IT.

Over 9 years experience in professional editing programmes including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Eduis 5,6 and 7, Cinema 4D, Meshroom, MeshLab, Madmapper 5 and many other software that I use for green screen and colour correction .

I also work with many sound programmes such as Ableton 9 Live Suite, Adobe Audition and Ozone to create soundtracks and sound effects

Work well as a part of a team as well as an individual.

Languages: Fluent in spoken & written English, Arabic and Russian.

Work well under pressure and pay attention to details.


The Date 0101 short drama 2022.

Director of Documentary film MAMDOUH FOREVER 

Director and designer of the motion advert for 2021.

Director and designer of two motion adverts for Neon Glow Doodle app by hitcom 2021.

Director and 3D animator of Nitro Nation app advert 2021.

Director and designer of Happy Colour app advert 2021.

Motion advert for Media Cube company 2021.

Motion advert for Sport Zing app 2021.

Motion advert for app 2021.

Motion advert for Ringtone and Wallpaper 2021.

Looks Like Me short drama 2017.

Limitless documentary film about superman bill 2016.



 Upside Down, that will be released soon in 2022 alongside my new album that includes eight tracks.

Don’t Give It Up 2018

Drop the Bass 2017

4 Whispers 2015




U need to love 


Golden rain 

U were



  • I worked as a dance coach in Syria for more than six years and I am currently teaching in Vibes Dance Studio in Belarus.

  • Participated in the celebration of the International Dance Day as a choreographer and dancer of the performance Icons (2018)

  • Choreographer and dancer in Burnt in Memory (Syria, Belarus and Germany) 2018

  • Choreographed and dancer in the multi award winning show ‘The Glove’ that was performed over 40 times on different theatres and festivals 2014 - 2016

  • Arabs Got Talent 2012

  • I performed as the main dancer in three different shows Echo, Doors and Icons and Performed in many countries including: Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Belarus 2011

  • Dancer and Actor in ‘A Dream of an Arab Child’ with the director Noor Alhaji 2010-2011

  • Dancer and choreographer in ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ performed in Syria and Egypt 2009 with the director Waleed El Quatly




The Frozen Star (2016) by Dyaa Alshikh the film talks about my journey and the difficulties I faced as a Syrian Artist living abroad.

I acted as the main character in eight different music videos from the ‘Ayam Hulwa’ album for kids with the director Omar Saif that was later shown on Spacetoon channel.

acted as one of the main character in 80 Years In Hell Directed By Dr Mamdouh Hamada

acted in LOOKS LIKE ME Directed by Maher Alshikh

acted as the robot in theatrical play for kids "dream of Arabian children" Directed by Noor alhaji


80 Years in Hell I worked as the graphics editor in short film directed by Dr Mamdouh Hamada 2020

Here & There Directed by Dyaa Alshikh won best editing in LIFFA Festival

Graphic designer for Hack The Wall and Hit The Head games

Graphic designer for the movie images in Angel’s Carriage theatrical show

music videos such as 4 whispers , Drop the bass , Dont give it up & Upside down with over 40 M views 


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